UI/UX design
TikTok Product Design
Project overview
I worked at TikTok India as part of the localization effort. My responsibilities included creating an illustration style guide, deploying the TikTok brand through campaign creatives, and launching the TikTok Creator Fund program. I worked closely with the operations and culture teams to ensure the brand guidelines were adhered to. My efforts helped TikTok establish a strong presence in India.
Key points
  • TikTok Creator Fund to incentivize creators.
  • Illustration style guide for global and local use.
  • Helped establish brand presence in India.
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Background & problem

TikTok needed to establish a strong presence in the Indian market by creating engaging campaigns, establishing brand guidelines, and launching new features that would appeal to local creators. As part of the localization effort, the challenge was to make the TikTok brand resonate with Indian audiences.


Support local and global teams in ensuring brand guidelines were met and supporting engineering teams to launch new features.


As part of my role at TikTok I executed 3 key projects:

  • TikTok Creator Fund Program -
    I collaborated with the product team to create the in-app visual experiences for this feature. The program, promised to compensate creators funds worth $200M, was launched in the US and parts of Europe. This feature incentivizes creators on the platform.
  • Illustration style guide -
    I also played a key role in creating the guidelines for the internal TikTok design teams. This involved covering topics such as best practices, internationalization, and color usage, and ensuring that the guidelines were easy to use and reference.

  • Local content -
    I collaborated with local cross-functional teams to create internal company-facing visual experiences for workshops, company-wide policies, and other communication. These efforts helped ensure that the TikTok brand was consistent and engaging across all internal and external touchpoints.
key takeaways
  • The TikTok Creator Fund program allowed me to understand how to incentivize and retain creators on the platform.
  • Creating the illustration style guide helped establish consistent and clear design guidelines for the entire design team to follow.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to create local content enabled me to understand the importance of contextualizing visual communication to specific audiences.
  • These experiences helped me to recognize the value of designing for diverse audiences and the importance of crafting communication materials that resonate with them
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Other projects