UI/UX design
Riverty Subscription Payments
Project overview
At Riverty, I worked on the improvement of our subscription product within the Nordics region, focusing on communication and introducing new features promoting inclusivity and financial freedom. I also conducted research to understand users' interpretation of invoice statuses, informing our efforts to enhance clarity and comprehension.
Key points
  • 80% adoption rate of Direct Debit through Open Banking
  • Inclusive features like Pre-payment for high risk users
  • Improved clarity on Payment statuses
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Background & problem

Riverty operates as a third-party service, which introduced a unique set of challenges. Users often encountered confusion when receiving payment reminders. They were frequently left with unanswered questions about their payment status, leading to uncertainties about their invoice and payment statuses. The confusion was a barrier to providing a smooth and satisfying user experience. It was clear that we needed to address this issue to improve our service and instill confidence in our users.


The primary goal was to instill a sense of trust in our users regarding Riverty as a reliable and efficient payment service provider. We aimed to build this trust by delivering a positive user experience. A key aspect of this was ensuring that users never missed a payment. We achieved this by implementing friendly reminders and mechanisms to help them avoid falling into debt collection. We envisioned a service where users felt secure and well-informed at every step of the process.


To address the identified issues, we implemented a multi-faceted solution:

  1. Streamlined Communication Channels: We optimized communication channels such as email, SMS, and physical letters to ensure a consistent and clear flow of information to users.
  2. Enhanced Customer Support Integration: Users were provided with a seamless way to reach out to customer support directly from the web app, facilitating quick resolution of any queries or concerns.
  3. Improved Invoice and Payment Status Clarity: We revamped the invoice and payment status indicators, making them more intuitive and user-friendly. This improvement aimed to empower users with a clearer understanding of their financial obligations.
  4. Introduction of Pre-Payment Feature: Recognizing the need for inclusivity, we introduced a new feature called Pre-payment. This feature enabled users with a higher risk profile or lower credit scores to initiate a subscription, thereby promoting financial accessibility for a broader user base.
  5. Direct Debit with Open Banking Integration: This feature aimed to further streamline the payment process and enhance user convenience. This approach not only simplified the payment process but also added an extra layer of transparency and trust. Since the introduction, the adoption rate has surged to approximately 80%.

key takeaways
  • Communication is Key: Effective communication emerged as the cornerstone of a positive user experience. Regular, transparent communication builds trust and addresses user concerns, fostering a sense of reliability in our service.
  • User Education Matters: Educating users about Riverty as a third-party payment service played a pivotal role in minimizing confusion and enhancing user confidence. Providing information about the service's role and functionality helped users interpret emails and navigate the payment process with ease.
  • User satisfaction: Users now have a broader range of payment options, and the streamlined process has resulted in increased user satisfaction. The real-time visibility and automation have played a pivotal role in preventing missed payments, aligning with our goal of providing a positive and reliable payment experience.

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