UI/UX design
Hive End Customer App
Project overview
This web-app provides merchants with the tools to enhance their customers' post-purchase experience. Its key features include order tracking and returning capabilities, as well as the potential for additional functionalities such as product recommendations and user profile management. By leveraging the web-app, merchants can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Key points
  • Web-app based
  • Order management for end consumer
  • Tracking & returns
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Background & problem

Merchants were facing a high number of customer complaints regarding their post-purchase experience. Many customers were struggling to track their orders and were having difficulty with the return process. As a result, merchants were losing customer loyalty and had a high rate of customer churn.


The goal of the project was to design and develop a solution that would provide customers with an easy and convenient way to track their orders and process returns. By improving the post-purchase experience, the aim was to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately reduce customer churn.


We designed and developed the Hive End Customer App.

  • Provides customers with real-time order tracking
  • Allows customers to easily generate return labels
  • Enables customers to know the status of their order and the expected delivery date
  • Simplifies the return process for customers, allowing them to initiate returns directly from the web-app.

We conducted internal user research to gather feedback on the initial wireframes and iterated on the design based on the feedback.

key takeaways
  • Providing customers with real-time order tracking and return label generation feature can greatly improve their post-purchase experience.
  • User research and testing are crucial in ensuring that the final design meets the needs and expectations of the users & stakeholders.
  • By improving the post-purchase experience, merchants can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, which ultimately leads to a reduction in customer churn.
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